Why Television Should Be Part of Your Home School Curriculum

When you are home schooling your children there are many different options and resources that you can use that is inexpensive yet still be a great learning tool. One of the options that is available and should be used is some great educational television programs that are available. Yes, make television part of your home school curriculum.There are some great learning programs on that can be a learning tool for you. The History Channel for one example is full of programs that your children can learn from. Some of their programs is designed for children with links for additional resource information with tests, more questions and projects. They even have a newsletter that they will send out giving you upcoming shows and schedules to help you plan your lessons.Public Broadcast Services will also have great learning materials available. There are so many different great programs on there that will be great for lessons. They have programs available for children of all ages and grade levels.  There are many great learning opportunities on television that it would be a shame not to include it in your lesson plans. Many of these stations also have teaching guides on their websites to help you stress the points about the shows and make it easier to teach them. Some of the stations also have the shows online that you children can watch directly from the computer.With devices such as TIVO you can record the shows and then watch them during your school hours allowing you the chance to stop, pause and rewind important parts of the program.When home schooling your children don’t let this great learning tool pass you by, television along with the station website is a great tool when it comes to teaching your children.